Easy lessons

Four easy lessons to sustainable

product media campaigns


Sustainability is a hot topic these days. But how to launch a sustainable product media campaign with a maximum impact on customers and a minimum impact on the environment? 


Four easy lessons.

The product media market is fraught with cheap-looking, low quality items that go straight into the trash. Choose an item that stays with the receiver for a long time, so your message and brand name does too and waste is reduced significantly. 

Lesson 1 :

Choose give-aways,

not throw-aways

A promotional item is a carrier of your logo, image and messge. It's a brand builder, a business card. The quality of your product media reflects the quality of your brand. Your promotional item should be of the same high quality as your brand.

Lesson 2 : 

The item reflects

your brand

Lesson 3 : 

Less is more

The goal of product media is that people remember your brand and see it as often as possible. 

Better to invest in better quality, more expensive items, than cheap throw-aways. Because in the end, the price of product media is decided by the price per view, not the price per item.  

A successful campaign is a campaign with a durable item, linked to a specific message or theme, targeted to a specific audience, distributed through a

well-thought-out channel. 


In short : What? Why? Who? Where?

Lesson 4 : 

The four W's for

sustainable campaigns


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