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once upon a time

Change the world,

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Once upon a time...

There was a girl who started Amazing Brands. The philosophy behind it was that she would offer customers a way out of the maze of promotional products by offering high quality retail brands in the promotional market. 


But it was only when she really got to know the world of Product Media, that she noticed something was horribly wrong... 

Every show or fair she went to, she kept on seeing these cheap-looking, low quality, disposable promotional articles. She couldn't understand that A-class companies would waste their money on these items that weren't even give-aways, they were throw-aways!


She hid in her room for weeks on end, completely puzzeled and lost, questioning her company and the market she was active in, wondering even whether she wanted to live in a world that was this inconsiderate about nature and the impact we all have on it.


Unwilling to surrender and give up, she tried to find out all there was to know about Product Media and their environmental impact.


It was then that she collected all her courage and saw her destiny : fight to change the world, one promotional item at a time! 


She rounded up six strong sustainable brands, each having their own super power, to help her fight the cheap gadgets and throw-aways.


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