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Made in Belgium


RainPharma products are skin and body products,made in Belgium, that help you achieve a glowing skin and pamper your body.


Both development and production take place in Belgium and are in the hands of a multi-disciplinary team of leading experts. They have no interest in hocus pocus ingredients or exaggerated claims. Instead, they have made a conscious decision to ensure that their products remain affordable, but not at the expense of quality and efficient performance. 

also there are no nasties in RainPharma products, that means no mineral oils, colorants, silicons or sulphates. 


RainPharma is proud of their roots and work locally as much as possible. But Belgium is a small country, so they occasionally need some help from their neighbours : the bottles come from Germany, the tubes are made in the Netherlands, the shopping bags are Italian and a number of our essential oils are French.

One bottle a year

Join the shower challenge.


RainPharma asked themselves the question why most shower gels contain so much water. Why fill bottles with water if it just flows from the tap?


The Aromatherapy Essentials Skin Washes are gentle for your skin and the environment. Their concentrated formula makes them extremely long lasting. You can shower no less than 416 times, since you just need 1 pump to wash your entire body. That means one bottle a year. 

Less bottles. Less volume to transport. Less need to recycle bottles.

Award-winning products

And the winner is...


RainPharma products have won several prices over the last few years, proving their succes with the public. 


In 2017 Feeling and Gael designated the Aromatherapy Essentials Body Wash as the best Belgian beauty product. Soon afterwards they were again awarded top marks by both readers and the professional jury of Nina and Het Laatste Nieuws.


Also the Sacred Seven Body Repair Oil and the Pure Shampoo were awarded with best body product by Weekend Knack and Weekend Le Vif and best haircare product by the editorial teams at Feeling, Gael, Flair, Libelle and Femmes d’Aujourd’hui. 

Pure essential oils

Renewable sources.


One bottle of Pine Skin Wash requires no less than 40 kg of fresh pine twigs. Thankfully no forests are chopped down for this. They only use branches and twigs that are trimmed. For the Orange Skin Wash too, they choose 'waste' that would otherwise be thrown away. RainPharma collects orange peels from companies that make organic juices and press the essential oils for their Skin Washes from them.


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