Brand presentation

A pen that lasts, is a pen that loves nature.


A promotional pen must attract and excite, and has to be a  quality support for the message it is delegated to convey.


Did you know that a high quality pen changes different hands eight times on average during its lifetime. A low quality pen is lucky if it reaches two before reaching its final destination : the trash can.

You do the math : 

1 000 x a cheap , low quality pen = 2 000 people

500 x a qualitative pen, double the price = 4 000 people


Do not compromise your image by spreading irresponsible use of plastic pens. Choose a pen with values that complement your corporate values, show that you care for your brand, and for nature.


Made in Italy, from the first prototypes to marketing the finished product.






Wide color range


Never underestimate the power of color.


Company colors are well thought out decisions and the first thing people remember about logos. Maxema does not take this lightly. That's why they offer their most successful pens in over 20 standard colors.

Mix and match bodies and clips, transparent and solid colors to your heart's - and brand's -content. 


If you still cannot find your matching shade, we will custom-make the color for you, even for smaller quantities. Because color sometimes does matter. 



The ultimate brand builder.


A promotional pen is never just a pen. It's a carrier of your logo, image and message. It's a well thought through choice, a brand builder, a business card.


By giving a quality pen with your logo message, you will be with the recipient for 150 000 letters, 18 750 words, 2 000 meters of dreams, hopes, greetings and memories.


It will be used to sign contracts and write loveletters, to map out future plans and note down passed adventures.


Be sure to choose the right pen to match your logo and brand. You can choose from the standard assortment, make your own color, choose what and where you want to print and even have a choice of packaging options to top it all off.

Seems a bit much? We'll gladly assist you!


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